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We Create Powerful ENTREPRENEURS

Agreeing to popular belief, Todo Genesis is not simply Marketing Company. It has its roots in every piece of an Entrepreneur, making them succeed, as bringing their wish to achievement, we are the creators of your idea to establishment.

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Business Acceleration


Todo makes a strenuous effort to “sell” the product or to make your service to reach people through rigorous, ongoing advertising, promotions and publicity mostly through "outstanding" marketing. Your company may have built a beautiful ladder – but it may be entirely on the wrong roof! Far too often, that lesson comes from painful


Every day, millions of people take part in countless sales transactions across the globe, creating a constant flow of assets which forms the backbone of the associated economies. Does your company come into this global flow, if yes you have to be out smarting them, if no we are here to make you as a global competitor of sales!!!


One rupee or one million rupee, a good product is exhibited through its branding and promotion, services are not goods oriented and products are always value oriented, people should know the brands value before branding them with your brand. TODO is the predominantly knows for its branding and promotion, join todo and brand yourself.


Our Team


Varun Visweshwar



Pradeep Devarajan

COO Chief Operating officer


Johnson Raj Kumar

CTO – Chief technology officer


Kissan Shyam